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About Khéiki

Khéiki will debut its first collection in January, 2021 for the coming 21-22 Fall and Winter season.
The design process begins with a careful selection of yarns, reflecting Khéiki's concept of “Steady, Bold, and Delicate creation”.
Khéiki explores minimal and genderless design, adopting a sense towards fine details and unique silhouettes.
Made and designed in Japan.

[ KMK ]
We are all facing various unprecedented challenges brought upon the global pandemic of COVID-19.
Inspired to do something to support and contribute to our communities in this current situation; our brand Khéiki was created earlier than planned, to introduce our [ KMK ] knitted mask, using our original techniques of making knitwear.

[ KMK ] is a face mask knitted using a unique three-dimensional structured single piece pattern with integrated loop straps.
Made from specially formulated yarns with antibacterial and deodorizing properties combined with elastic fibers to provide secure breathable support and stretch around your ears.


[ KMK ] 取扱薬局店様


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